37 Sage Green Nails That Are Worth Swooning Over

It is undeniable that most individuals all over the world have prioritized their health and fitness given the hectic year we have all endured. Not to mention the fact that many people long for healing. It is necessary to get ready for the change of seasons because spring is just a few months away. We can welcome this by embracing the surrounding greenery and nature, which can enable us to purify our mind, body, and spirit. Although the blooming of flowers has long been ᴀssociated with spring, these are now outdated. In fact, Miranda Priestly from the renowned fashion movie The Devil Wears Prada agrees, saying, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

Sage green is a color that is ᴀssociated with spring and renewal, so wearing sage green nails for the season makes sense. This very subdued seafoam green nail polish color, which draws influence from plants and herbs, is touted as the new neutral. Because of its versatility, you may experiment with various designs and have it still seem just as modern.

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